Who we are:
     The reincarnation of a ten year mission, “Love, DIA Couture and Fashion” intends to be a premier destination for custom fashion and couture garments for women. From something for that special occasion to bridal to stage, our primary passion is giving women the understanding and realization of their natural beauty through visual means. Each garment that we create is designed to enhance and embrace the ‘real you’.

     Always mindful of the symbiotic relationship between community and business, DIA strives to make a tangible impact on the lives of girls and women in our communities. As a Beau Ideal Featured Designer™ in 2010/2011 , Love DIA presented 5 collections in 12 months and featured in fashion shows to benefit the At Risk Model Movement™ , an organization that trained at-risk youth in the creative and professional fields of modeling and fashion, as well as provided scholarship funds for said participants.
​     Independently, we produce the annual fashion show and benefit, AMALGAMATION, which showcases up to 15 new or independent fashion designers and boutiques on any given year, while raising funds to benefit local community service organizations. In the past, we’ve contributed to The Red Pump Project, a non-profit that raises awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS on girls and women around the world. More recently, Girls Rule! Chicago, a goal driven organization whose mission is to empower and aid in the self development of young girls, ages 7 – 14 residing in urban communities.
     ​Our goal is to support the women we serve, not just by taking an individual approach to promoting self-esteem and self-appreciation, but also by supporting fantastic organizations like these, organizations which seek to promote those same ideals.

Our business is simple:
     Give women the tools they need to love who they are, naturally, inside and out. It’s this mission that colors everything we do. Each look we create is a personal love letter to all the women who came before us and all those that will follow. Our hope is that each creation shows the world how amazing “we” are, because the most important thing a woman can do for herself is realize that she is already perfect and beautiful; everything else is just icing.

© lovediacouture| Delcia Norwood 2013

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